I would like to introduce you to Blue Hawaiian Pools, a quality manufacturer of  one-piece Blue Hawaiian swimming pools built to the highest standards in the industry. The combination of only the purest raw materials and the latest technology creates a pool that surpasses any other pool on the market today and tomorrow. Blue Hawaiian Pools guarantees their pools with a life time warranty.

Nature Bound Pools & Spas Inc. is currently looking for select dealers to supply various areas of Ontario with the absolute best swimming pools available.

Dealer Requirements

Nature Bound Pools & Spas Inc. is looking for a limited number of select dealers throughout Ontario to supply and install CPC/Blue Hawaiian Pools.  Requirements depend on size and location of the local market.  Dealers are selected on the basis of business size, experience with pool and spa installation, and commitment to Blue Hawaiian Pools products.  It is desirable for dealers to have a retail location.

Installation Training

Blue Hawaiian Pools and their employees are required to be trained and certified by skilled Nature Bound Pools and or Blue Hawaiian Pools technicians in the proper installation of CPC/Blue Hawaiian Pools.  To accommodate that requirement we offer hands-on training seminars periodically at our office or manufacturing facility in order to train new dealers and their employees, plus we are able to provide on-site technical support.  We also supply dealers with instruction manuals, marketing material and internet sales leads.

Dealer Support Services

We understand that advertising your company is vital to your success as a CPC/Blue Hawaiian dealer.  Both Nature Bound and CPC/Blue Hawaiian offer a large variety of support services to help you at any stage of your project.
 * Marketing Material
 * Sales Aids
 * Dealer Recognitions & Awards

Making of a Masterpiece

It is crucial that every Blue Hawaiian Pools Dealer understands the basic procedure and philosophy that leads to pools of the highest standard.  The following provides an outline of the equipment and processes employed by Blue Hawaiian Pools to produce America’s best fiberglass pool.  As will be stressed throughout, the entire Blue Hawaiian Pools manufacturing process is based upon a commitment to excellence achieved through adherence to a detailed Quality Assurance Program.

Like any other finely crafted work, Blue Hawaiian Pools owes its existence to the creative design concepts of skilled engineers.  Paying particular attention to safety, strength and aesthetics, our designers conceive a pattern, which is first drafted on paper and then built as a solid structure composed of steel and wood.  Design features such as steps, convenience ledges, textured surfaces, and swim-outs are made at this time.