Fiberglass Pool/Spa Shapes and Sizes

Fiberglass Pool Designs

Deciding which fiberglass pool to choose can be a difficult decision. The first step is to determine your maximum space (length x width) and subtract at least 3-feet all the way around (or the amount of decking you want around your pool). This will give you size and help eliminate some of the models. The next step is to determine how deep you want your fiberglass pool and if you are attracted to a shape or style. You can also consider the placement of the steps to help further narrow down your decision. Nature Bound Pools has an assortment of sizes and shapes to select from to help transform your backyard and add the finishing touch to your personal haven.

We also sell just Shells for the do it yourself projects along with step by step instructions and telephone counseling. We also offer on site supervision and help you with all your equipment needs.

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