Imagine the refreshing, invigorating sounds of water cascading into your pool. We offer cascades in a multitude of sizes to best fit your Blue Hawaiian Pool.
Vanishing Edge
What better way to add mystique and intrigue to any pool than with the elegance of a vanishing edge. Vanishing edges can be incorporated into virtually any Blue Hawaiian Pool to create the look and feel of an infinite pool surface.
Listen to the tranquil sounds of running water with Blue Hawaiian Streams, which are installed along the tile line of your pool. Our streams are adjustable so you can change their directional flow for the perfect appearance. Choose from our four face plates in black, white, grey, or beige.

CPC/ Blue Hawaiian offers four types of in-floor cleaning systems that make routine maintenance a breeze. The circulation provides hassle-free cleaning, easily and quickly distributes chemicals, and also helps to heat your pool.

The CPC/ Blue Hawaiian Circulation System includes two pop-up circulation nozzles in the pool's floor and an anti-vortex main drain.
The Vantage PlusSystem includes two pop-up circulation nozzles in the pool's floor in addition to nozzles and cleaning heads in the steps and seats for a more complete pool cleaning system.

The Vantage System is designed similar to the CPC/ Blue Hawaiian Circulation System, but provides a network of nozzles for cleaning the entire bottom of the pool's floor.

The Vantage DeluxeSystem has cleaning heads in the floor, steps, and seats, and a debris canister by the skimmer to catch large debris.