Dear Tim:

It's been a few years now, since our pool installation with Nature Bound Landscaping, and we are still enjoying it on a daily basis. Our friends and family are enjoying it as well, as we host birthday parties, soccer team parties, and end of school year parties. As you'll see from the pictures we sent you, it is definitely a busy place. I think our highest count in the pool at once is 24 - what a great volleyball game that turned out to be!

Guests repeatedly tell us that our pool and landscaping are right out of a "Home and Garden" magazine. I think they especially like the waterfalls and the peaceful feeling they create.

We are still very pleased with our decision to put in a pool and more specifically to have Nature Bound Landscaping do the installation. Not to mention the ongoing support we have received over the years. As in the past, feel free to use us as a reference for future customers.

Thanks again for the wonderful family time we have enjoyed courtesy of Nature Bound.

Sincerely, Fred and Christine

Marlene - Nature Bound Pools,

Thanks very much for the great job you did recently installing our in ground pool. We really appreciate the professional and efficient way that we were dealt with during this process. You were always willing to work patiently with us providing excellent insight and advice as we went through the decision making process of where was the best place to position the pool, what kind of pool surround made the most sense, how should we connect the pool to existing landscaping in the back yard, etc. This attitude was displayed by not only Tim and yourself, but also by the great team of people who actually performed the work during installation. You promised that we could be swimming in five days and in fact we could have been if the weather had been a little warmer. We particularly appreciate Tim's extra efforts that Friday evening in getting the heater working prior to the Thanks Giving weekend.

This is the second time we have had a pool installed and this was by far a much better experience all round.

Thanks very much for all your efforts.

Simon and Annette

Dear Tim,

Nathalie and I wanted to write you and thank you for the job that you and your team did in putting a swimming pool into our backyard. As we watched you put in the pool, we were thoroughly impressed at how precisely the installation was executed.

Having looked at few different types of pools, and builders, some of the deciding factors of choosing your company over the others were: the lifetime warranty that the pool comes with, the ledge all around the perimeter of the pool that kids can step on and the fact that we do not have to replace any liners. You also pointed out a few things that needed to be done when building our pool on our property that other pool builders did not mention to us.

We thoroughly enjoyed the pool this past summer, and even though it was not a particularly warm summer you were certainly correct in pointing out that fiberglass pools retain heat much better than a traditional liner or cement pool. All of our friends who also have pools needed to heat their pool, or their pool was much cooler than ours. We rarely needed the heater.

If any of our "non-pool" friends intend on putting a pool in, we are certainly going to recommend Nature Bound.

Thank you for sharing your pool knowledge with us and making our pool purchase a positive experience. Please find enclosed pictures of our newly finished "backyard oasis", which we look forward to enjoying with our kids for many years to come.

Sincerely, Ty and Nathalie

To Tim & all his staff at Nature Bound Pools and Spa.

I would like to Thank-you, very much, and your staff for making our Oasis Dreams come true.Last year we had purchased a pool, slide & diving board and had it installed by Nature Bound. We were very pleased with the work and time frame of performance.We have had our pool for one full year and enjoyed it very much with no problems.

Thank you once again.

Good Morning,

I wanted to extend a Thank You, for the safe delivery of our fiberglass insert yesterday morning - over on Sandford Road in Uxbridge. One of your delivery men informed us that we may not have made the best choice of excavators - although he has been in excavation for decades, pools is not his main line of digging. We have decided to re-think our choice, and are coming to you in the hopes that you have an excavator that you contract out to do such jobs. Obviously because the pool is delivered and sitting on the lawn, we'd like to have this done as soon as possible. If this is something we can discuss, please feel free to give me a call with some dates and prices.

Thank you so much for delivering the pool - Can't wait to get into it!

Michael and Ann

Thank you for a wonderful job for everything that you have done for us. Without exception the staff are knowledgeable, proactive, professional, kind, and extremely reliable. We are thrilled with the quality of service we have received from Nature Bound Pools and Spas.

We just want you to know how much we appreciate everything you have done to help us with our pool installation to teaching us how to maintain our pool with salt system. We can't say enough good things about the whole experience. You can bet when anyone comments about how great our pool is, Nature Bound Pools and Spas gets high praise!

We will recommend Nature Bound Pools and Spas to everyone, it was well worth the money we spent. Great job guys!!

From: Steve & Elizabeth

Memories For Life Photo Studio

Dear Tim, Marlene, and Heather,

Much appreciated in all what you have done for us!

Thank you so much.

- Marg, Neil, Robin, Roseann, Mark, and Antwon

Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for a job "well completed". Although I didn't know what I wanted, I certainly am pleased! The deck is fantastic, the grass sod looks good. Your patience with me and your quick response meant a lot to me! Your work even met with the approval of my one son who can be very critical and outspoken. I will certainly recommend your name, your work, to anyone interested. Keep up the good work!

Thank you again,

- Cathy Evans

"When it came to selecting a company to provide an in-ground pool, we considered many factors including design, style/type, size, quality, warranty.
We also wanted to find a company that could accommodate our schedule and our budget. We have been extremely pleased with our experience with
Nature Bound Pools, from initial consultation and project management, to the finished product. Tim Rice spent a considerable amount of time educating
us regarding pool options and equipment function. The construction crew were efficient, clean and polite. Tim provided a pool that included the
characteristics we desired and exceeded our expectations in terms of product. Our yard has become our oasis, our retreat and all we have to do is
step outside. It is our pleasure to recommend Tim and Nature Bound Pools, our way of thanking them for the beautiful job they have done designing, constructing and servicing our pool. We are enjoying it tremendously and find that our investment is well worth it. It's �free form design is beautiful to
look at day and night."

- From G & H of Newmarket

"My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the management and staff of Nature Bound Pools for the quality service provided during
the installation of our new back yard pool. We were very impressed with the integrity and respect displayed throughout the entire process. The work
crew were very hard working and careful in assuring that our property was not damaged�they also ensured that our yard was restored with new grass,
the re planting of our favourite tree and with the re installation of our heritage patio stones. My husband and I were particularly impressed with the courtesy displayed on site as we heard no profanity from any of the work crew at any time. The office staff did an excellent job in coordinating work dates, answering our questions and providing us with information regarding our new pool system. Indeed, we are very pleased with the excellent service provided by Nature Bound Pools and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking the joy of a new back yard pool."

- Brian & Margaret of Keswick

"If you are planning to have a pool installed, I highly recommend Nature Bound Pools. The staff were professional, knowledgeble, and completed our installation in under 3 weeks. Our pool is beautiful, we are thrilled. Also they will now be coming out yearly to open and close our pool.
Thank you Nature Bound Pools!"

- Regards Allison and Family

"As a recent client of Nature Bound Pools and Spas I was extremely satisfied with Tim's service, I wanted to take the time to provide my review of the
services provided. Tim came to open my pool and as soon as the tarp was pulled off, I saw that this would not be a simple task. Somehow, potted plants
had fallen into the pool creating a terrible mess. However, Tim was more than prepared for the job, bringing along all the tools needed to complete the
task on schedule, even with the unexpected mess. Aside from this, we also have not opened the pool for two years. It really needed extensive cleaning
and Tim handled all this in an efficient and professional manner. Tim was very courteous, thorough and accommodating. He certainly went above and
beyond, even completing necessary repairs to the pool. This level of service is outstanding and encourages me to enthusiastically recommend Nature
Bound Pools and Spas services to others. Due to the level of service that was provided, we are certain that we will be able to enjoy our pool for years
to come and we will remain loyal customers of Nature Bound Pools and Spas. "

- Carrie from Toronto ON

"The purpose of this letter is to give my highest endorsement to Nature Bound Pools and Spas for the outstanding job they did installing our pool.
My husband and I could not be happier with the end result and were particularly happy with Tim. Tim is a wonderful person who is very well informed
about his company�s products and services. He has a talent for applying his vision which incorporates the landscaping and cement work. I truly
appreciated all of his suggestions and the results which have made us so happy. I respect and appreciate Tim�s attention to detail and meticulous efforts to check and double check every item of the pool installation. Tim was able to anticipate and plan the right course of action which made this a very successful
job with everything done right the first time. He and other members of his team also came back to follow up and ensure everything was working properly.
He is a true professional and very nice person to work with. Again, we could not be happier with the results and would recommend them, without
reservation, to everyone considering a pool, spa, or any type of cement work. In fact, we feel extremely lucky to have found them and would suggest that they are �head and shoulders� above all of the other companies we spoke with when shopping for our pool. We are quite satisfied with the entire project.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions concerning this letter.

Very respectfully,

- Carmela Stouffville ON

"On behalf of my entire family, I would like to express my gratitude to Tim Rice and his team for the construction of our family pool. Despite of poor weather conditions, they started the construction in early spring. And just in time for the warm spring and summer weather, we are enjoying our new pool which has turned almost every day for us, our family, and friends into a holiday! The construction and modeling were very well planned. The remaining free space on my backyard has been maximized. Tim and his team thought through all aspects of maintenance and easy upkeep of the pool. Once again sincere thanks to everyone who took part in the construction of our pool!"

Best Regards,

- Katya Stouffville, ON